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My Journey as a Quilt Pattern Designer - You Can Do It too!

Do you enjoy creating one-of-a-kind quilts and dream about designing your own quilt patterns? That was me last year! I had been having fun experimenting on EQ8 creating quilt patterns and after leaving a stressful job, I decided I wanted to start my own pattern writing business. I happened to see a post on Instagram from someone who had taken the Quilters Candy Quilt Pattern Writing Course. What perfect timing that was! I clicked to learn more and it sounded perfect. It turns out it really was! In this 9-week course, I learned about creating a brand, writing quilt patterns, marketing, pattern launching and much, much more.

Elizabeth Chappell at Quilters Candy offers her Quilters Candy Quilt Pattern Writing Course once a year in September. As a course alumni and affiliate, I am able to share an early pre-order signup link that is open through August 29th.

If you preorder the course, you will receive 3 FREE amazing bonuses from Elizabeth. Read on to hear about my FREE 1-year membership to Canva affiliate bonus.

If you are still trying to decide, you can sign up for Elizabeth's FREE Quilt Pattern Writing Course Masterclass on Zoom - Monday, August 29th, Wednesday the 31st and Friday, September 2nd.

More About The Course

The Quilt Pattern Writing Course is the most in-depth course of its kind and teaches:

  • How to narrow down your niche.

  • How to market your product.

  • Building Your Brand.

  • Creating a professional pattern that's easy to read using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign (the industry standard for publishing and printing).**

  • Guest visitors covering: legal aspects, quilt math, pattern testers, and more!

  • Launching - A timeline and guide to releasing your patterns with success.

** I actually prefer using Canva. Canva is a free graphics platform for designing posters, worksheets, flyers, documents, business cards and more. Canva also offers Canva PRO, a one-year membership that offers so many more graphics, elements, templates, etc. I use it to create all of my social media graphics as well.

I'm offering a FREE 1-year Canva membership (a $120 value) to everyone using my affiliate link to join the Quilt Pattern Writing Course. (This is in addition to the 3 bonuses from Elizabeth) You will have fun using Canva for personal use as well. I've created Christmas cards, Happy Planner pages and more.

Be sure to grab Elizabeth's free Canva Quilt Pattern Templates to help you get started.

More About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Chappell of Quilters Candy is not only an excellent teacher, she genuinely cares about each student in her course and wants to see them succeed.

She shares everything she knows about the quilt industry she has learned through her successful business, holding nothing back.

More About My Journey

After taking Elizabeth's course last year, I became confident enough to start making and selling patterns. I even stepped out of my comfort zone and reached out to Art Gallery Fabrics with my first pattern, Sew Loved. Imagine my excitement when I heard back from them and they went on to feature my quilt and pattern in one of their lookbooks!

This was my very first pattern! I have now released a second pattern and even more exciting - I have collaborated with a quilt shop to offer a 5 month Skill Builder Quilt Series. This has been a huge hit with the shop and am I so excited to see what is next!

Another great asset of this course, is the community. You will make great quilty friends who will continue to support you and cheer you on. Following along on their journeys is so fun!

Ready to join? Click the link below to pre-order the Quilt Pattern Writing Course now and mark your calendars to start your new journey on September 12th!

Feel free to reach out to me at any time and I'd be happy to help answer any questions you may have.


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